Configuring emrys for suppliers

For convenience, suppliers should store their settings in a configuation file. Emrys will look for .emrys.yaml in the prioritized order: current directory, $HOME/.config/emrys, and $HOME/. Toml and json formats are also accepted.

Example .emrys.yaml for executing emrys mine:

  ## required
  # minimum $/hr rate each device will accept for jobs;
  # may include either one number (used for all cards),
  # or n numbers where n is the number of running devices
  bid-rates: 0.2 0.21

  ## optional
  # which devices to rent out on the network (mapped to nvidia-smi);
  # defaults to all discoverable devices
  devices: 0 1

  # how much RAM to allocate per device per job
  # default: 8gb
  ram: 4bg

  # how much disk space to allocate per device per job
  # default: 25gb
  disk: 50gb

  # a command to execute per device during idle time (between
  # emrys jobs)
  # NOTE: if included, MUST use the '$DEVICE' flag, as shown below
  mining-command: [command] --cuda_devices $DEVICE --server [server]
    --user [user] --port [port]