Welcome to emrys!

What is emrys?

Emrys is a peer to peer marketplace for GPU compute. Today, that means companies and individuals with idle (or underutilized) GPUs can rent them out on our network to other companies and individuals looking to utilize said GPUs.

Why would I use emrys?

As a user, you either use cloud GPUs today and are looking to (significantly) cut costs, or are looking to train many deep learning models in parallel without having to worry about the infrastructure overhead.

As a supplier, you either have presently-idle GPUs or are looking to earn (significantly) more money than you can from mining altcoins.

How do I use emrys?

Well, that depends whether you wish to rent GPUs from the network, or contribute your GPUs to the network. You can find more details about each use case by following links on the left.

While exploring, you’ll notice every page has a feedback link at the bottom. We ask that you use it! No piece of software or writing is perfect, and we need all the help we can get to make it better. We intend to open source the user and supplier clients in the coming months, but for now this site & email will have to do. We thank you in advance for your thoughtful feedback on our service & documentation.

Emrys is a funny name. What’s it mean?

Emrys is Merlin’s first name in Welsh. Following Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote (“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”), we believe programming is modern wizardry. But mostly we just like how it sounds.